What is LCD projector’s feature

First of all, in terms of the color of the picture, the mainstream LCD projectors are all three-chips, using independent LCD panels for the three primary colors of red, green, and blue. In this way, the brightness and contrast of each color channel can be adjusted separately, the projection effect is very good, and high-fidelity colors can be obtained. In DLP projectors of the same grade, only one piece of DLP can be used, which is largely determined by the physical properties of the color wheel and the color temperature of the lamp. There is nothing to adjust, only more correct colors can be obtained. However, compared with LCD projectors of the same price, there is still a lack of bright colors at the edges of the image area.

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The second advantage of LCD is its high light efficiency. LCD projectors have higher ANSI lumen light output than DLP projectors with the same wattage light source. In the high-brightness competition, LCD still has an advantage. Among the 7 kg heavyweight projectors, the ones that can achieve brightness above 3000 ANSI lumens are LCD projectors.
Disadvantages of LCD:

The obvious disadvantage of LCD projectors is that the black level performance is too poor and the contrast is not very high. The black displayed by the LCD projector always looks gray, and the shadows appear dim and without details. This is very unsuitable for playing videos like movies, and it is not very different from DLP projectors for text.

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The second disadvantage is that the pixel structure can be seen in the picture produced by the LCD projector, and the audience seems to be watching the picture through the window pane. SVGA (800×600) format LCD projectors can see the pixel grid clearly regardless of the size of the screen image, unless a higher resolution product is used.

Now the LCD has begun to use the micro lens array (MLA), which can improve the transmission efficiency of the XGA format LCD panel, soften the pixel grid, make the pixel grid fine and not obvious, and will not have any impact on the sharpness of the image. It can make the LCD pixel structure feel can be reduced to almost the same as the DLP projector, but there is still a little gap.

Post time: Mar-10-2022