How to choose one good family smart projector

With the upgrading of home entertainment gameplay, the smart projection market ushered in an explosive period, and many users are also full of curiosity about new species such as projection products. Then, how do we choose projectors?

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Native Resolution

No matter what digital product, resolution is a factor of concern to everyone. Common resolutions and representation methods are as follows:

SVGA: 800x600 economical projector common resolution

XGA: 1024x768 resolution adopted by mainstream business and education projectors

SXGA+: 1400x1050 resolution adopted by high-end projectors for high-end professional applications such as images

480p: The resolution used by 852x480 low-end home projectors

720p: 1280x720 or 1280x768 resolution used by mid-range home projectors

1080p: 1920x1080 or 1920x1200 resolution adopted by high-end home projectors.

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Service Life

Any digital product has a service life. Digital equipment purchased at an expensive price must be durable. For the projector, the place with the greatest loss rate is the internal bulb. The life of a general projector is about four years, and the built-in bulb often needs to be replaced in about two years. Even after the replacement, the previous effect will not be achieved. Therefore, when purchasing a projector, it is recommended to give priority to the durable and clear LED light source projection.


The brightness of the projector is a concept that has to be mentioned when mentioning the projector. Lumen is the unit that describes the brightness. A very simple analogy: It determines whether you can see the shadows or see a cloud of white light when you watch the video during the day.

Lumen 500 can only be viewed in the dark. Lumens are in the range of 1000-2000, and the curtains are drawn during the day, and there is no strong light stimulation, and it can be viewed effectively. When the lumens is above 2000-3000, it is basically bright enough, and it is mainly other values that affect the viewing effect. It is recommended to choose a projector with around 2000 lumens for use in the bedroom, and a projector above 2000 lumens for use in large spaces such as the living room.

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Voice and Cooling

High-quality projectors often have excellent heat dissipation functions, while the biggest difference between inferior projectors and branded projectors is the heat dissipation function and noise. Projectors with excellent heat dissipation function often use very low noise, and the level of noise is very important to the user’s viewing experience. The basic noise ≤40DB is already very good, and it can provide a relatively quiet viewing environment.

Post time: Mar-10-2022