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Does it works well in daylight indoors and outdoors?

Projectors only work well in dark places. If they are used in the daytime or outdoors, the effect will not be so good.

150 lumens ansi is the equivalent of 950 lumens ?

There is no conversion formula for lumen and Ansi lumen. Ansi lumen is the standard international unit.

What's your minimum order quantity?

Our MOQ is not the same, it based on different items. If OEM and ODM the MOQ is 500pcs. For our regular projectors, small orders are also welcome, but the unit price is also difference from wholesale price.

Can you offer free sample?

We can‘t offer free sample, but we can return the sample cost from the next bulk order(500pcs).

Will it work with an amazon fire stick?

It can work with amazon fire stick.

Why your contrast Ratio is 1500:1 and others can be 15000:1?

We wrote the data is autual data ,but some factory will write it very higher to attract client 

Your system is Andriod6.0, do you have Andriod9.0?

Actually android6.0 and android 9.0 the functions are the same, as for projector, android 6.0 will be more stable than 9.0, that is why the production dare not update the system easily.

Does it come with a projector screen? If yes, how big is the screen? Do you have a picture of the screen?

For the regular set don't come with a projector screen, but if you need, we can provide to you, the regular we provide to client is 84-200inch. Pls check more details of the screen as attached, that is our normal projector, we also have Anti-light projector screen.

Is there any security protocol to safeguard the users' usage of the devices (especially cyber-security threats)?

The scope of security threats is relatively broad. First of all, the threshold for network security threats is very high. Our Apps on the market that are normally used by market audits are in compliance with security certification. The use of threatening apps by customers themselves or any harmful operations are not included in the security protection.

Is there an App that can be downloaded to the mobile phone to be able to navigate and control the settings?

Both of them don't have APP to control setting. But you can connect the phone to control the projector through the Eshare software.

For this model, how much time can the device run on battery?

For example, D042 is equipped with two pieces 3500 mAh lithium batteries, total 7000 mAh. If full charge can work 2 hours.